Introducing Bertram Wooster of Wodehouse

Bertie in the garden

Bertie by the Xmas Tree

There's another page of little pictures of me!

And here's my sister Heidi

I am a spiffy little Basset Hound called Bertram Wooster of Wodehouse, familiarly known as Bertie. My namesake is Bertie Wooster, a character from the novels of P.G. Wodehouse who had a manservant called Jeeves. Although I don't have a valet, I do have a Macintosh computer that goes by the name of Jeeves. I'm told by people who should know that I have many of the personality traits of my namesake -- I'm carefree and fun-loving, but I do manage to get into sticky situations now and then.

As you can see from my picture, I am a tricolor, mostly black on top and mostly white underneath. For a Basset Hound I am quite trim, I like to keep myself in shape by taking my Mummy for a couple of long walks each day. My favourite pastime is chasing squirrels in the local park. I have never caught one but someday... My second favourite pastime is barking. I can be extremely loud if I feel like it. Sometimes I just start barking and then I keep going and going and going. Mummy and Daddy are always trying to figure out what I am barking at, but usually it is nothing at all.

I was born in Fresno, California, and grew up in Sunnyvale, but now I live in North Carolina at Brunswick Plantation. Mummy is English and she gave me my name and taught me to spell! She's also a Master Gardener. Daddy is American and he volunteers as a firefighter for the Calabash Fire Department. My sister, Heidi, has the longest legs you've ever seen, and short pointy ears. I like to hear the other dogs barking on our Dogs Encyclopedia CD-ROM. My only ambition (other than to finally catch a squirrel) is to find myself a girlfriend, preferably called Madeleine. She will have very long, silky ears and will love to listen to me barking. Of course, she will be demure, as all ladies should be, but her playful spirit will allow her to assist me in my squirrel quest. To further my search for Madeleine, I have included below some more photographs, which illustrate my finer points!


Bertram Wooster of Wodehouse 1994 - 2006

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