Introducing Heidi

Showing off my beautiful face!

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My name is Heidi. Mummy and Daddy adopted me from Pets In Need, a private shelter for dogs and cats in Redwood City. They think I was about 18 weeks old when I was adopted but no one really knows, and I cannot remember.

I am a mixture of several distinguished breeds: German Shepherd, Great Dane and Labrador. I have long, slender legs, tall, pointed ears and a beautiful, golden coat. My little brother, Bertie, is a Basset Hound and has short, lumpy legs and huge, floppy ears. Despite his shortcomings, he is a great playmate. I can walk over him without even touching his back. He likes to stand on the sofa and chew on my ears but I don't mind as long as he's willing to play. Sometimes he even lets me nibble on his ears too.

Mummy takes me for two long walks each day, and she also takes me to play with lots of other dogs in the local dog park every day. That is lots of fun because I can run and run and run! Bertie prefers to sniff around the trees.

Apart from Bertie, my best friend is Elko, a Norwegian Elkhound, who lives nearby. We visit her almost every day and chase her around her front garden.

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