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Volleyball Vacation

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Training on the beach AL-B coaching Diving
Training on the beach
Lined up to work out
AL-B coaching
Gather around and listen up
Steve extends to get the ball during drills
AL-B Taking a break AL-B serves
Pro Albert Hannemann gives us a sandy smile
Taking a break
The crowd watches as others play
AL-B serves
Looks like a floater coming to Steve down the middle
Kevin and Michelle Making a save Ron and Michelle
Kevin and Michelle
Kev finds a coed partner
Making a save
Fnd that ball and keep it in play
Ron and Michelle
Ron playing way out of his league
Kev gets a set AL-B spikes The Pros
Kev gets a set
T-bone sets Kevin while Steve comes up to block
AL-B spikes
AL-B hits Steve's set inside Kev's block and T-bone looks for the dig
The Pros
T-bone, Michelle and AL-B

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